Rosetta Stone Arabic Review.

About Rosetta Stone Arabic Program.

Rosetta Stone is one of the leaders in language learning market for many years now. It has courses available for up to 25 separate languages and Arabic is one of them. When it comes to Arabic, Rosetta Stone teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA in short). It is a formal variation of this foreign language, which is used widely all over Arabic countries.

Rosetta Stone program is very simple and intuitive to work with. Most learners are able to operate it without any guidelines. The system relies upon picture-word association strategy to teach a new language. What it means is that users of this program learn by associating Arabic phrases and words with pictures that they recognize. Within time learners can expect to develop their Arabic vocabulary and later be able to communicate in a new language. It is important to acknowledge that immersion type of learning programs don’t include explanations or translations. Hence it is even not necessary to know English in order to use Rosetta Stone.

Review of The Main Features.

There are a total of 3 levels of Rosetta Stone available for learners of Arabic. It is not the most that Rosetta Stone offers for foreign languages. Hence it is more suitable for beginner – intermediate Arabic learners. Based on information that Rosetta Stone provides, three parts of this program are equal to about 200 hours of studying time. So it is still quite a lot of learning material that can help to advance in Arabic a lot.

It is important to mention that Rosetta Stone prices its program based on studying length. You can select membership lengths anywhere from 3 to 24 months. Of course, the best monthly price is offered for longer membership – ~10 USD per month. Nevertheless it requires to spend 249 USD at a time, so many learners select shorter subscriptions. Due to this it is definitely worthwhile to evaluate your learning needs before selecting Rosetta Stone membership plan.

rosetta-stone-arabic-tutorRosetta Stone has some leading-edge features such as sessions with a tutor, mobile app and games. This course can be also preferred by Arabic learners who want to study on the move. With Rosetta Stone users don’t need to install anything on their computer and instead they can access studying content via app (different devices are supported) or online. After completing some units in this course, learners are also able to book live sessions with a tutor while using Rosetta World. Of course, there are certain limitations on the number of sessions that learners can book, but it is still quite useful studying feature. Users of Rosetta Stone can also play games (with other Arabic learners or solo). This can be a great way to repeat previous studying material and improve overall learning efficiency in an engaging way.

Within this program users can find lessons that would help them improve all parts of Arabic. This includes comprehension, speaking, writing, grammar or reading. It is true that Rosetta Stones’ immersion method has limited usefulness for learning grammar, but it can definitely help to notice some basic patterns.

When studying via Rosetta Stone program learners also have a complete freedom to choose what workouts to do first. This kind of feature can be very beneficial in case you need to improve your skills in particular area of a new language.

Furthermore learners can be confident that all their activities in Rosetta Stone are fully recorded. Advanced tracking in Rosetta Stone allows users to follow their progress easier and continue studying where they last left this program. Also this program highlights the number of mistakes in each workout, so it is easier to identify lessons that need more revision.

rosetta-stone-featuresLearners those primary goal is to learn how to speak in Arabic, can find some useful features in Rosetta Stone for that. TruAccent feature in this course gives learners an instant feedback on how well they are pronouncing Arabic words and phrases. Also by using this feature users are encouraged to talk out load more frequently. This in turn can help to improve pronunciation and speaking skills.

The other great advantage of this program is that it uses native Arabic speakers in the recordings. So users can be sure that they will always hear good accent and correct pronunciation. Moreover, Rosetta Stone comes together with supplementary audios. These audios can be downloaded and transferred to any device. Later on you can use them for practicing Arabic comprehension & speaking skills while on the move or offline. With so many useful features, Arabic learners can definitely achieve good results and be able to communicate in this new language.

Although Rosetta Stone learning program is oriented not only toward travelers, it still teaches mostly essential vocabulary. The main goal of the first part of Rosetta Stone is to introduce learners to language structure. Also it teaches users elementary Arabic vocabulary. You will learn basic conversational skills such as introductions and greetings, most common questions and how to answer them and much more. Usually it takes at least one or even two months to finish first part of this course. This time frame is not surprising giving the fact that Arabic is quite difficult language to learn for native English speakers.

By taking the second and third level of this course you will be able take part in more difficult real world conversations. The second level of this course covers topics like time, directions, transportation, eating out and etc.

After completing third level of Rosetta Stone, you will be able to talk about current events, your interests, profession and much more. So by finishing all parts of this software Arabic learners can expect to be able to get around in a foreign country easier, express their opinion & talk a little about themselves.

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

When it comes to Rosetta Stone testimonials, you can find various opinions about it. Some confirm that it’s a good program and helped them a lot with studying a new language. Users particularly like engaging workouts and advanced studying features like TruAccent & e-tutoring.

However others seem to have a bit more negative experience with this Arabic learning program. Some reviews suggest that learning via immersion method (without explanations or translations) doesn’t work. This is especially true for more unique languages like Arabic. Also at times Rosetta Stone introduces quite random Arabic phrases that some learners find not very essential for conversations. You can find a few user reviews of this Arabic learning program bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rosetta Stone Arabic software, visit Amazon website here.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • You can try free lessons (3 days) at the official Rosetta Stone website. Its a good way to make sure whether its suitable program for you to learn Arabic from;
  • This program can help to improve all aspects of Arabic language – speaking, comprehension, reading, writing and grammar;
  • At any given time users can choose what workouts to do. Hence Rosetta Stone gives learners quite a lot of freedom to choose what area of Arabic they want to improve;
  • You can see what workouts you’ve already completed and what was your score in them. So it is easy to keep track of your progress while using this program;
  • Rosetta Stone provides some advanced Arabic learning features like interactive games, e-tutoring sessions and mobile app;
  • Different workouts provided in the program are very engaging and useful for learning and repeating vocabulary. Learning games in Rosetta Stone are very useful for increasing your retention as well;
  • Audios in Rosetta Stone course are recorded by native speakers. So you will be able to learn how to pronounce Arabic words correctly and with a good accent. Also a TrueAccent feature is very useful for improving Arabic pronunciation and encouraging learners to speak out load more frequently;
  • Rosetta Stones’ teaching method doesn’t use any English. Hence it is possible to immerse into Arabic language completely when using this program. This also means that this language learning program can be used by non-English speakers;
  • Rosetta Stone introduces mostly useful Arabic vocabulary. This means that you will be able to learn essential words within reasonable time. Also units in this software are grouped based on topics. So it is possible to skip some lessons  that are with less important vocabulary for you;

Weak Sides:

  • Lack of explanations on grammar, makes it difficult to progress in a new language at times. So learners without previous Arabic learning experience, might need supplementary studying material while using Rosetta Stone;
  • Rosetta Stone offers fewer parts for Arabic (3 levels). So it is not very suitable program for advanced learners. Also there is only an option to study MSA dialect of Arabic. It has limited usefulness for learners who are studying this foreign language for communication purposes;
  • There are no culture lessons or information included in this program. It is a lot needed component for unique languages like Arabic. Also Rosetta Stone designs & arranges its program identically for all languages;
  • At times it is difficult to know exactly what particular Arabic phrase or word a picture is trying to present. This is due to immersion type of learning and lack of translations to English,
  • You can get access to Rosetta Stone without spending too much money (79 USD for 3 months). Nevertheless, its a limited time membership and you will need to renew it a couple of time to continue studying Arabic;
  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is not the fastest way to learn Arabic for traveling purposes. This is because provided vocabulary is quite random at times. Some competitor courses (like Rocket, Pimsleur and etc.) are more focused on teaching survival vocabulary. So they are more suitable for this purpose;

Summary of a Review.

Even though there are some downsides to Rosetta Stone, this program can be still beneficial for many Arabic learners. Since it teaches MSA, this software can be suitable for learners who selected to learn this particular dialect of Arabic. If you consider yourself as a visual learner, you will find various engaging activities in this program that can help to improve all areas of Arabic. Rosetta Stone also offers some great features for improving speaking skills. Learners can use TrueAccent feature or supplementary audios to practice their pronunciation and comprehension skills in Arabic. There are different length Rosetta Stone memberships available. Hence Arabic learners can select more suitable subscription term based on their budget and studying needs.

While Rosetta Stone is designed for total beginners, it might be not the most suitable course for these type of learners. The problem is that there are no explanations in English. This can cause confusion and slow down overall learning efficiency. Some other disadvantages of this program are lack of culture information and random vocabulary at times. If you find these downsides not important for your Arabic learning goals, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Rosetta Stone Arabic program.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Arabic Program?

Rosetta Stone Arabic LifetimeIn case you have already decided to buy Rosetta Stone Arabic program, you can do so on Amazon or official website online. The prices are usually the same in both of these mentioned sites. So it is just a matter of preference from where to purchase it.

If you are planning to study Arabic in the long term, it might worthwhile to consider lifetime membership of Rosetta Stone. When ordering this program on Amazon, you have an option to select 12 month (99 USD) or lifetime membership (189 USD). This package will allow you to choose any language from Rosetta Stone and use it for selected time. There are shorter subscription lengths available on official website. Nevertheless your monthly price will be way with 3 or 6 month memberships.

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