Pimsleur Arabic Audio Lessons Review.

About Pimsleur Arabic Lessons.

Pimsleur offers audio based lessons for learners who want to start speaking Arabic fast. Pimsleur course was developed by Dr. Pimsleur more than fifty years ago so it is a well tested method for learning foreign languages and many learners had success with it. Currently there are versions of this course available to start learning more than 50 languages and Arabic is one of them.

The whole Pimsleur teaching approach is based on idea that we can learn a new language by hearing it constantly. Well, at least this is how we all learned our first language. First we heard it spoken by others and then we tried to repeat it ourselves. Hence no one can argue that this statement is not true.

A typical lesson in Pimsleur begins with a short dialogue in a target language. Later this conversation is being separated into smaller parts, translated into English and repeated a couple of times. While similar format lessons and repetition can be a bit monotonic at times, it is very useful feature of Pimsleur. This helps to ensure that learners are able to follow new studying content easier and keep retention rate high.

New studying content in Pimsleur is repeated not randomly, but by using Gradual Repetition Approach. What it means is that in the beginning new words are being repeated more frequently and later time intervals for repetition become longer.

Pimsleur audios are also interactive, which means that at times listeners are being prompted to say different Arabic phrases & sentences. This is a helpful feature of this course, because learners need to think in their target language more frequently, which in turn makes them more prepared for real life conversations. Also it encourages learners to talk in Arabic more frequently so it can help to improve their overall speaking skills.

What Courses and Features are Offered?

Pimsleur Eastern Arabic AudiosWhen it comes to Arabic, it is possible to learn 3 different dialects of this language from Pimsleur. At the moment there are options of learning Eastern, Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic dialects.

For Eastern Arabic and MSA, Pimsleur has 3 phases. Eastern dialect is mostly used in countries like Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. MSA is not so widely spoken, but it is rather used in newspapers, education and TV. Due to more Pimsleur parts available, it is possible to achieve more advanced level with these dialects.

On the other hand, for Egyptian there is only one phase. Egyptian is also very commonly learned dialect of Arabic. This is because it is used in films and quite a lot of people from all Arabic speaking countries can understand it. Due to limited number of levels available for Egyptian Arabic, it might be a good idea to consider alternative courses for this dialect.

At the moment Pimsleur doesn’t offer Unlimited edition for any of Arabic dialects. Due to this, there is only audio based studying content available for learners of Arabic. This means that Pimsleur Arabic is more suitable course for audible learners.

Pimsleur lessons are ideal for studying Arabic on the go. Audios can be transferred, which gives possibility to learn even without WiFi. Learners can also download free Pimsleur app and study via this course while using different devices. Lessons in Pimsleur are on average 30 minutes long so it doesn’t take too much time to complete them. All these mentioned features makes Pimsleur very suitable course for learners who have limited time for studying Arabic.

Pimsleur Arabic Features

In each lesson of Pimsleur you can expect to learn at lest five new Arabic phrases and also some of the old material is being constantly repeated. Pimsleur tends to introduce only essential Arabic vocabulary that would be helpful when getting around in a foreign country. You can expect to learn words associated with shopping, exchanging money, asking & giving directions, going to the restaurant and much more. So learners who are studying Arabic for traveling purposes, won’t be disappointing with Pimsleur and they will be able to learn survival vocabulary fast.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that Pimsleur Arabic courses for all dialects have quite positive reviews from its users. When compared to Rosetta Stone, people are way happier with this program and even recommend it to their friends. Users compliment Pimsleur Arabic lessons, because they teach essential vocabulary, it is easy to retain information from these lessons and it is very convenient to study via this course while on the move.

Some of the most common complains about Pimsleur Arabic are that each lesson of this course teaches very limited new vocabulary and the price for the whole course is quite high. You can read a few consumer reviews of Pimsleur Arabic lessons bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Pimsleur Arabic lessons, visit official website here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Want to make sure that Pimsleur teaching method is suitable for your learning style? You can get one free Arabic lesson of this course by registering at the official website;
  • This course offers to learn three dialects of Arabic: MSA, Eastern and Egyptian. Since there are 3 levels available for Eastern & MSA and 1 level for Egyptian dialect, it is only worthwhile to study the first two mentioned dialects via this course;
  • Pimsleur lessons are easy to understand and follow. There is a lot of repetition and each dialogue is divided to separate words and words even into sounds;
  • This Arabic course does a great job at keeping learners retention rate high. Everything is repeated a couple of times and the same material is included in further lessons;
  • Audios in Pimsleur are recorded by native Arabic speakers. Also lessons in this course are interactive (listeners are encouraged to speak Arabic out load). All these mentioned features makes Pimsleur effective course for learning how to speak Arabic;
  • With Pimsleur it is possible to access all Arabic learning material on the go. Audios can be downloaded for offline studying. Also there is a free app provided allowing users to study Arabic via different devices;
  • Each lesson in this course is less than 30 minutes long. For this reason even busy learners can find some time to study Arabic via Pimsleur;
  • Pimsleur can help to learn survival vocabulary fast. Hence these Arabic lessons can be suitable for travelers;
  • In addition to audios, Pimsleur also includes reading material and some culture notes. Learning about culture is essential part for unique languages like Arabic;


  • These lessons are a bit monotonic at times (the same question-answer format). Nevertheless learners who are motivated enough, can expect to have good results with Pimsleur;
  • It would be great if Pimsleur lessons would also include transcript of dialogues. This way it would be possible to look it up when something is not clear;
  • Each Pimsleur lesson concentrates only on a few Arabic phrases. Due to this learners can expect to learn very limited vocabulary in each new lesson;
  • Pimsleur mostly focuses on speaking and comprehension parts of a new language. Hence learners who want to learn Arabic grammar, writing or reading will find these lesson not sufficient;
  • At the moment Pimsleur doesn’t offer Unlimited version for Arabic dialects. Hence this course is completely audio based and it might be not suitable for visual learners;
  • One level of Pimsleur Arabic is priced at $119.95. So most learners will find these lessons as too expensive. However you can reduce a price of Pimsleur a little by ordering all levels at once or by using a coupon code.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review, it would be fair to say that Pimsleur offers quality Arabic audio lessons that are proven to work for most learners. Whether this course is right for you or not, will depend on a couple of different things.

Learners who need to learn how to speak & understand Arabic, will find Pimsleur as a great course choice for them. Since it teaches a new language through audios, you will be able to study via Pimsleur while on the move. Furthermore with Pimsleur you will not need to waste time learning unnecessary Arabic vocabulary. This is because this course concentrates on the most essential phrases of a new language.

However for learners those goal is to learn all aspects of Arabic like writing, reading and grammar, Pimsleur course will be not sufficient. The fact that Pimsleur teaches a new language completely through audios, makes this course not very suitable for visual Arabic learners. Also these lessons tend to be quite repetitive and lacks engagement. For these reasons learners need to be motivated in order to continue studying via Pimsleur.

The other thing to keep in mind about Pimsleur is that it teaches three dialects of Arabic. So if you are interested in learning Eastern Arabic, Pimsleur is one of few quality audio courses available for this dialect. This is because most online courses teach either MSA or Egyptian dialects, since they are a bit more popular among learners. Since Pimsleur has only one level for Egyptian Arabic, I would suggest considering alternative courses for this dialect instead.

Want to try Pimsleur method? It is possible to register at official website and you will get one free Arabic lesson. You only need to fill your e-mail address and zip code. So you can try Pimsleur audio lessons for free and find out for yourself if this is the right course for you or not.

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Where to buy Pimsleur Arabic Courses?

buy-pimsleur-arabic-msa-lessonsAll Pimsleur courses including for Arabic language, can be purchases from official website of this course. Since the whole Pimsleur course is divided into levels, they can be purchased separately or in a bundle. This is a very convenient pricing system, because more advanced Arabic learners can go to level 2 or 3 directly and save some money.

Each separate level of Pimsleur Arabic costs $119.95 in MP3 format. Those who will decide to buy these levels in bundle, can get a discount as well.  Also there is an option to buy each level in increments, which consists of 5 lessons and cost $21.95 each. This option is a bit more expensive in the long run. On the positive side it also doesn’t require learners to spend much money at the time.

Coupon Code.

Already made a decision to buy Pimsleur Arabic lessons? Then you should also know that you can get a discount on this course.

By using a coupon code SAVENOW you will get a free shipping offer. Also you will be able to reduce the price of this course by up to 25%. Although this discount only applies when you order this course directly from official website.

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