Michel Thomas Arabic review.

About Michel Thomas Arabic Method.

Michel-Thomas-lessonsIn case you are an audible learner and want to learn how to speak and understand Arabic without learning complicated grammar rules or writing, Michel Thomas audio lessons might be a great course for you. Michel Thomas method is quite a popular way to learn how speak foreign languages fast and there courses available for French, German, Mandarin and nine other languages.

In case you are not familiar with this method you should know that these audio tapes remind of a classroom situation since there are two beginner students present in the recordings. These students are actual learners of this language and they don’t have any preparations for these recordings. So you are basically studying together with them and also learning from their mistakes.

The other thing to know about these audio lessons is that they are structured in a way that makes you remember what you have learned without you trying to memorize too hard. All this is achieved by broken down Arabic phrases into smaller parts so that you would be able to understand everything and build your own sentences later. So you will not need to spend hours memorizing lists of vocabulary or trying to figure out grammar rules.

What Arabic Courses Are Available?


Before considering these audio lessons you should know that at the moment there are a total of three levels available for Arabic language. The first part of Michel Thomas audio lessons is called Start and it is an introduction course to show learners how this method works.

Since all material included in Start part is also included in the second level you can skip this part if you have already decided to study via this course. The second level of this course is Total and it includes 12 hours of recorded material, 2 hours of vocabulary and also a visual review. It is aimed at total beginners of Arabic and after finishing this level you will be able to speak confidently (with limited vocabulary of course).

The last level for Arabic learners is Perfect, which contains additional 9 hours of recorded material as well as 3 hours of vocabulary help. After completing this level you will learn more about the whole Arabic verb system, further improve your vocabulary and be able to communicate in different situations.

One of the newest additions to Michel Thomas audio lessons is a computer program, which is a great learning tool for visual learners. It contains different exercises that will help you to improve your reading and overall language skills.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

While reviews of Michel Thomas courses are usually very positive for most languages, with Arabic they are a bit more mixed. Despite that most of the testimonials online confirm this method effectiveness and points out that it is a great beginner course to understand structure of a new language.

Some common complaints about this Arabic course is that teaches quite limited vocabulary and also it lacks visual studying material. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Michel Thomas Arabic bellow.


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Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • Michel Thomas course teaches Egyptian Arabic, which is one of the most widely understood dialects of this foreign language throughout Arabic countries;
  • Sample Michel Thomas lesson is available on the official page of this course so you can test this Arabic course prior to buying it;
  • With Michel Thomas you can learn almost all material while on the go since it is mostly an audio based course, which is a great advantage for busy people too. Also a free app in this program allows users to access studying material via their iPhone, iPod or iPad;
  • Newer version of Michel Thomas Arabic also comes together with a computer program that includes a couple of different exercises to practice what you have learned. Not only it is a useful feature for improving retention rate, but it also makes this course more dynamic;
  • Michel Thomas course is relatively easy to follow and it repeats studying material in further lessons so you will not need to go through the same lessons many times;
  • Most of vocabulary and phrases that you can learn with Michel Thomas lessons can be called essential so this course can be very useful for learners who are studying Arabic for traveling purposes;
  • Explanations provided in these audios are very useful for understanding key points of Arabic language and how it is structured;
  • Students in the recordings commonly ask to clarify some more difficult parts about Arabic language, which is quite useful since you might also have similar questions;
  • When compared to other audio based courses (Pimsleur and etc.), Michel Thomas lessons are more engaging to follow and they are also not so monotonic;

Main Cons:

  • Since Michel Thomas offers mostly an audio based course (without much additional studying material), you will only be able to learn how to speak and understand Arabic;
  • The list of vocabulary that you can learn from these Arabic audio lessons is very limited so even after completing both levels (Total and Perfect) you will be able to communicate only in a very basic situations;
  • For some learners there might be too much English in these recordings, which doesn’t allow you to immerse into Arabic language completely like with Rosetta Stone software. Also quite a lot of Arabic words and phrases are pronounced by non native speaker so you are not always learning how to pronounce correctly;
  • While Arabic grammar is not very complicated, it might be too difficult to learn it properly only by using this audio course. This is because you are expected to understand grammar through different examples rather than providing you with rules and there is no written material provided. So you will need additional courses or books in case you want to learn it properly;
  • No cultural content provided, which is very important part for learning languages like Arabic;
  • Since there are two students present in the recordings, it makes this course a bit slow. Faster learners might get annoyed when they need to listen to other student’s mistakes or wrong pronunciation;
  • Based on the features that Michel Thomas Arabic offers it can be said that it is a bit overpriced course (~$250 for two parts);

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Michel Thomas lessons for Arabic have some limitations, which were pointed out in The Main Cons section of this article. These include limited Arabic vocabulary in each lesson, little visual studying content, high price and also non native speakers in the recordings.

Despite these drawbacks, it is still a great beginner course that can help to build this language from scratch. Michel Thomas lessons does a great job at explaining the main features of Arabic language and also you will learn how to put separate words into different sentence variations. Understanding language structure and knowing how to put words into different sentences will definitely come in handy once you will learn more vocabulary even from other material.

Where to buy Michel Thomas Arabic Lessons?

buy-Michel-Thomas-Arabic-Audio-LessonsIf you have already decided to start studying Arabic via these audio lessons, you can easily buy them on websites like Amazon, Barne’s & Noble and iTunes.

There are different pricing options available depending on how many levels or lessons you will choose to buy. Also for people who have a limited budget there is an option to buy separate lessons of each level, which are priced ~$16 each.

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