Living Language Arabic review.

About Living Language Arabic.

Living Language offers learners to learn Modern Standard Arabic, which is formal dialect of Arabic. This course offers users to learn through different multimedia including coursebooks, audios, games, exercises, quizzes and more. Since it is a dynamic program it helps to improve your retention and makes learning more interesting. Dynamic studying material also makes Living Language courses suitable for different types of Arabic learners – visual and audible.

The other thing that you should know about Living Language method is that it is quite easy to follow this course. This is mainly because learners are being introduced into new concepts and vocabulary in small steps so that it would be easier to understand everything and remember what you have learned later.

It is also worthwhile to mention that Living Language teaches all aspects of Arabic so you will be able to learn grammar, writing, speaking and etc. The fact that Living Language provides in depth explanations on Arabic sentence structure and grammar means that you will not need to do any guessing and be able to progress confidently with this foreign language.

What Courses Are Offered?

Living Language Arabic FeaturesAt the moment you can choose from three different Arabic courses offered by Living Language. These courses vary in offered features, studying content and price. Hence you should choose one particular course based on your Arabic learning goals and your budget. It is important to acknowledge that these editions don’t have unique studying content. For this reason you should select only one of these courses from the start. Also they are all meant for complete beginners, hence you don’t need to have previous learning experience. All of Living Language courses come together with free online learning. Each lesson in the coursebook will have corresponding online activities. These activities include games, quizzes as well as flashcards. They will help you practice new concepts and recall Arabic vocabulary.

The first course from Living Language is Essential. Its studying content consists of 3 audio CD’s as well as 1 coursebook. This part is aimed for those who want to have some basics in a new language and need to learn only limited Arabic vocabulary.

The next course from Living Language is called Complete. Studying content in this edition consists of 9 audio CD’s as well as 3 coursebooks. So if your aim is to achieve a higher level in Arabic, you should definitely consider this particular course. Its price is quite similar to Essential, hence it is more cost efficient to choose this version  from Living

The third course from Living Language is called Platinum. It offers the same coursebooks and audios as the second course, but with a few additional features. These features are access to online community, live e-tutoring sessions and apps for mobile phone. It is only worthwhile to consider buying Platinum course if you planning to use these mentioned features a lot since this version of the course is way more expensive.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Living Language courses are very positive no matter which language you will choose. Most people are happy about this course since there is quite a lot of material included and also explanations provided in the coursebooks are easy to follow and understand. The other thing that most users of Living Language are happy about is the additional book that is included together with this course, which is dedicated to teaching Arabic script. This is a huge plus since other courses like Pimsleur or Michel Thomas audio lessons don’t teach writing at all.

When it comes to negative reviews they are quite rare for all Living Language Arabic courses. Although some users of Living Language mention that there are a few typos in the studying material and also some lessons are a bit rushed. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Arabic course bellow.


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The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.

The Main Advantages:

  • This course offers quite a lot of material to study from and for a very reasonable price. For instance if you will choose Complete edition of this course you would get a total of 3 coursebooks and 9 audio CD’s for as little as $50;
  • Since there are different types of material included (audios, coursebooks and online features) you will not get bored so easily while studying and also learning from different multimedia greatly increases retention and overall learning efficiency;
  • This course teaches all aspects of Arabic so it is suitable course for learners who need to learn more than just a few phrases in this language. Also since there three versions of this course learners with different needs can find the right program for them;
  • Living Language also offers a guide for learning Arabic script, so in case you want to learn how to write in this language it is a great additional bonus;
  • Some culture notes are included in this course, which is a lot needed component for unique languages like Arabic;
  • Due to the fact that one of the main components of this course is audio CD’s you will be to learn part of the course while on the go. Also Platinum course offers apps, which will enable you to study via your phone (iPhone and iPad);
  • In case you are looking for a course that would offer quality e-tutoring lessons, Living Language Platinum course might be just what you are looking for. These online e-tutoring lessons are well-rated by most learners and reviews online so it is definitely worthwhile to consider them;
  • Platinum version of this program also offers and access to the community where you will be able to communicate with other learners, ask questions and advice as well as share your own learning experience.

The Main Disadvantages:

  • Even though there are online features available like games, quizzes and flashcards it can be said that they are not as engaging as features offered by Rocket and Rosetta Stone courses;
  • There are no advanced features in this course that would allow you to practice your pronunciation. Other courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket that are reviewed in this website both have great tools for that;
  • It is kind of difficult to immerse yourself into Arabic by using this course, since there is a lot explanations and English language. However this is not necessary a negative thing and most learners will find it as a benefit;
  • In case you will use online features of this course you will notice that you need to complete a full lesson in order for it to be marked as completed. Due to this it can be said that both Rosetta Stone as well as Rocket courses have a bit more advanced tracking features.

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Living Language offers very affordable courses for learners who want to learn Modern Standard Arabic. Since MSA is a formal dialect of this language and it is rarely spoken in the streets it might be not the best choice course for people who are learning this language in order to communicate with local people. However if your main aim is to learn this dialect of Arabic you will find plenty of material to study from and also for a very reasonable price. The other benefits of this course are that it teaches all aspects of Arabic including grammar and writing and also you will learn from different types of material (written, audio as well as digital exercises). All this greatly increases learning efficiency and makes Living Language more engaging course to follow.

Some limitations of Living Language are that it is not the most convenient course to study Arabic while on the go. Also audio CD’s in this course are not interactive and they will not encourage you to speak or think in Arabic like some other audio based courses do. So if your primary goal is to learn how to communicate in Arabic, Living Language might be not the best choice for that.

Where to buy Living Language Arabic Courses?

buy-Living-Language-ArabicIn case you have already decided to buy one of Living Language Arabic courses you can order them easily online. At the moment it is possible to purchase these courses on official website and popular websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and others.

Depending on which course you will choose, the prices can be different. For instance, Essential course is priced at $23, Complete at $50 and you can buy Platinum course for $179 on Amazon. So it can be said that Living Language offers Arabic courses for learners with all budgets and learning needs.

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