Instant Immersion Arabic Review.

About Instant Immersion Arabic Software.

Instant Immersion is a software based learning program that is available for learning more than 100 foreign languages. As the name of this program suggest, it teaches learners foreign languages through immersion. Within this course you will find various activities (games, flashcards, workouts) that will teach you Arabic vocabulary & phrases. In the beginning Instant Immersion mostly teaches separate Arabic words and later it introduces more complex sentences. You will not find too much English or explanations in this program, so it is possible to completely immerse into your target language when following this course. Of course, the downside of this teaching approach is that you will need to figure out language structure & grammar drills on your own or simply learn it from other resources.

instant-immersion-featuresIn addition to workouts, Instant Immersion provides its learners with supplementary audios. These can be useful when practicing your Arabic speaking skills. Also it is possible to transfer these audios to other devices so you will be able to study Arabic even while on the move. Instant Immersion also provides learners with Voice Comparison feature that enables learners to record & compare their pronunciation with a native Arabic speaker. By using this kind of feature learners are encouraged to talk in Arabic out load more frequently, which is useful for improving speaking skills. Since this course provides Arabic studying content through different multimedia (audios, workouts & etc.), it can be suitable for more learners.

Vocabulary that you can expect to learn from Instant Immersion software covers areas such as getting around in a foreign country, hobbies, people, greetings, education and much more. So it can be said that with a help of this program it is possible to learn essential Arabic vocabulary. All vocabulary in this software is grouped based on topics so you will be able to choose what particular new words you want to learn. Learners who are studying Arabic for business purposes can also find a separate section in this course that covers topics related to workplace and careers. They can learn words associated with finance, negotiation, e-mail, marketing, banking and more.

For Arabic language in particular, Instant Immersion software is available for 3 different dialects – Egyptian, Classic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). There are up to 3 levels of this program available for all of these mentioned dialects, so it is possible to advance quite a lot with Arabic by using Instant Immersion. For MSA dialect learners can choose Family Edition of Instant Immersion software that offers supplementary studying features like Companion App and Phrase Guide (video). Most learners choose particular Arabic dialect based on their learning goals. Classic Arabic can be useful for learners who are studying this foreign language for religious purposes (original language of Quran). Egyptian dialect can be useful when communicating with local people and MSA is commonly chosen for educational purposes.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Instant Immersion offers to learn 3 dialects of Arabic – MSA, Classic and Egyptian. For all of these dialects there are 3 levels of this course available. For Modern Standard Arabic in particular, you can choose Family Edition, which offers some additional studying features like Video Phrase Guide and Companion App;
  • This course can be suitable learning program for most Arabic learners because it provides studying content in different forms (visual, audio and etc.). This also helps to ensure that studying via this software is not too monotonic;
  • Instant Immersion software comes with additional bonus – live e-tutoring session via Skype (30 minutes). This can be useful guidance when studying since you will be able to interact with a native speaker, ask questions and more;
  • Since audio recordings in Instant Immersion are done by native speakers, it is possible to learn proper Arabic pronunciation from this course. Also Voice Comparison feature encourages learners to speak out more, which is useful for practicing Arabic speaking skills;
  • It is possible to keep retention rate high when learning via Instant Immersion, since this software does sufficient repetition of new learning content and also through different activities;
  • This learning program teaches useful Arabic vocabulary for travelers, business people, students and more. Also since vocabulary is grouped by topics, you can choose to learn words that are the most essential for you;
  • While this software requires computer for learning, there is additional studying content included that can be used on the go (Pocket Phrase Guide and Audio CD’s);
  • Since Instant Immersion uses little English in its studying content & features, it is possible to immerse into Arabic language almost completely when learning via this program;
  • Advanced tracking in this program allows learners to continue studying Arabic where they last left. Also since workouts in Instant Immersion are based on points, you will be able to follow your overall learning progress easier;
  • Instant Immersion software can be installed & used on multiple computers so you will be able to study Arabic via this program together with your friends or family members;
  • The price for Instant Immersion software is around $50 (3 levels), which is quite reasonable compared with other Arabic language courses. Also this program is backed up by money guarantee (up to 90 days) and you can use it for lifetime;

The Main Cons:

  • Instant Immersion course doesn’t give explanations on Arabic language structure or grammar so you will need supplementary studying material if you want to learn it properly;
  • Although Instant Immersion offers varied studying content, some Arabic learners might find activities in this course not sufficiently engaging;
  • This learning program lacks social features (like forum, ability to communicate with other Arabic learners and etc.), which can be seen as a disadvantage by some learners;
  • Even though it is possible to study Arabic via Instant Immersion while on the move by using supplementary material (audios, pocket phrase guide), it is not the most convenient learning program to study on the go;
  • In case you are interested in finding out more about Arabic culture & people who speaks this language, you will not be able to find this kind of information in Instant Immersion program;

What Do User Reviews Say?

It can be said that Instant Immersion program for learning Arabic has both positive and negative user reviews. Some learner testimonials compliments this software since it teaches useful Arabic vocabulary and also through engaging activities. Also the price of this learning program is not too high, which many users find appealing.

Other users of Instant Immersion points out that it might be too difficult to follow this learning program for complete beginners at Arabic. This is because immersion type of exercises don’t give explanations on Arabic language structure & grammar, so users of this program need to figure out many things on their own. Read a few actual user reviews of Instant Immersion Arabic software bellow.


For more user testimonials of Instant Immersion Arabic, visit Amazon page here.

In Summary.

To conclude this review of Instant Immersion Arabic, it can be said that this software be can useful learning tool only for some learners. If your primary goal is to expand your Arabic vocabulary, you will find many useful activities in this software that will teach you that. Furthermore using Instant Immersion program can help to improve speaking skills of this foreign language. By following audio CD’s and using Voice Comparison feature, you will be able to learn how to pronounce words correctly and improve your overall speaking skills.

However learning a more difficult & unique language like Arabic, can be too hard while using only this software. Since this software teaches a new language through immersion, you will need to have other learning resources that teach Arabic grammar & writing and explain language structure. Furthermore, in order to access most of studying content in this program, you will need to be around your computer. Due to this Instant Immersion might be not the best choice studying program for busy Arabic learners. Also Instant Immersion program is available for 3 dialects (Classic, MSA and Egyptian), so it might be not suitable learning course for those who need to learn Eastern or some other dialect of Arabic. Other than that, it can be said that this program is priced quite reasonably, so it is definitely worthwhile to consider Instant Immersion as a supplementary course for studying Arabic.

Where to buy Instant Immersion Arabic Courses?buy-instant-immersion-arabic-program

If you already made a decision to buy Instant Immersion software for learning Arabic, you can find it on a few different websites online. These include Instant Immersion official page, Amazon, Walmart and some other popular retailers.

The price of this software can vary slightly depending on where you will buy it and what edition you will choose. At the moment you can buy Family Edition of this software (MSA) for $59.99 on Amazon. Some older editions can be purchased cheaper; however they usually offer either less studying content or features.

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