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Rocket Arabic Review.

rocket-arabic-reviewAbout Rocket Arabic Course.

In case you have tried to learn Arabic on the internet by using free sources you must already know that it is a difficult task. Not only because Arabic is quite difficult foreign language to learn, but also because it’s not easy to study any language from separate pieces and without a solid learning structure. It does help you to improve some skills and repeat & learn new words; however it might be still difficult to communicate in a new language confidently.

This is where a course like Rocket Arabic might come in handy. Rocket Languages is quite well-known for its Spanish, German, French courses online. It brings together components of both Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur to develop a mix of both of types as you’ll learn via audio lessons and different software programs, games as well as flashcards. Rocket Arabic was developed by a native speaker from Egypt – Amira Zaki so during this course you will hear Egyptian dialect of this foreign language. Some of the components of Rocket program might not be called extensive; however, it’s well rounded and quite enjoyable method to study Arabic.

What is Included in This Program?

The Premium edition of Rocket Arabic provides learners with a total of 94 lessons. 33 lessons can be found in a form of audios and they are aimed at teaching learners how to communicate in Egyptian Arabic. These lessons are interactive so instructor will constantly prompt you to say different phrases in Arabic. The other 29 lessons in Rocket Premium are dedicated to Arabic writing. You will find videos and other studying content that will teach you writing script of Arabic. In addition to that Rocket provides learners with 32 lessons where they can find explanations on Arabic grammar & language structure and also some information on Arabic culture is given too. By completing all 94 lessons in Premium edition of Rocket learners can expect to achieve intermediate level in Egyptian Arabic.

rocket-arabic-featuresSince one of the teaching strategies of Rocket is to improve learners ability to recall studying material, it provides users with a few different software’s. One of these software’s is called Hear it say it. It is designed for improving your pronunciation and learning Arabic vocabulary. With this software you play an audio of a word or phrase and then you have to guess the meaning of it. To improve your pronunciation you can also use a Record Tool and record yourself saying it and later compare it to a native speaker. After completing lessons you can use another tool, which is called Know it. It works by showing you random words and phrases in English, which you have to translate into Arabic later. To improve writing skills of Arabic language, Rocket offers another useful tool – Write it. It works by playing you an audio of a word or phrase and then you have to write what you have just heard. The newest practicing tool released by Rocket is Play it. This particular program uses conversations from interactive Rocket audio lessons. The main aim of Play it tool is to make learners more prepared for actual real life conversations with Arabic speakers. In addition to these mentioned software’s Rocket also provides learners with flashcards and quizzes that are also useful for checking your progress with Arabic language and improving overall retention rate.

When it comes to social features, Rocket offers it’s learners an access to a forum. There you can always ask for help if you find something difficult or get some tips and advice from a tutor or other Arabic learners. Additional support is also available via phone or e-mail in case you have technical or other issues.

It can be said that Rocket pays quite a lot attention to making sure that Arabic learners are motivated to study further and improve their language skills. Some features that are useful for this purpose are leader board, badges, points and optional weekly e-mails on your progress. Also while using this course learners are able to track and review their overall progress at all times. Advanced tracking in Rocket program allows to rate difficulty of each activity and see which parts in this program are already completed.

The fact that Rocket is an online course and part of studying content in it comes in a form of audios, makes it a very convenient program to study Arabic while on the go. The app that comes together with this course allows Arabic learners to access studying content while using any smartphone, tablet or computer. So even if you have a very busy schedule, you can still find a few minutes of your time daily and complete a few activities in Rocket.

rocket-arabic-free-trialThe best part of Rocket Arabic is that you can try it for free and see for yourself how well it works for you. So basically you have nothing to lose here, only to gain. With a free trial you will be able to access interactive audio lessons, language and culture classes along with tips provided in a daily newsletter. All you have to do is complete a short form at the official Rocket Languages website and provide your e-mail and name. After that you’ll get access to free Arabic lessons.

Visit the official site of Rocket Arabic.

What Do People Reviews Say?

When it comes to reviews of Rocket Arabic, it can be said that they are very positive. In fact it would be quite difficult to find any negative feedback about this Arabic learning program. Some frequently mentioned benefits of Rocket are that it is very dynamic course, it teaches all areas of Arabic, it allows learners to study on the move and it keeps users sufficiently engaged & motivated to study further and improve their language skills.

Despite that, some users of this course mention that they found too much English in Audio CD’s, which makes it difficult to immerse into Arabic language fully. Also since Rocket teaches only Egyptian Arabic, this makes it a suitable course only for a limited number of learners. You can find are a few testimonials from users of Rocket Arabic bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rocket Arabic course visit the official page here.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

Main Pros:

  • In case you want to test features & material included in Rocket Arabic course you can do so by registering for trial lessons in the official website, which is completely free;
  • Rocket teaches Egyptian Arabic, which is probably the most widely understood dialects of this language throughout Arabic speaking countries;
  • This learning program provides learners with studying material on speaking, writing, grammar, listening as well as reading, so with Rocket you can improve all areas of Arabic;
  • Rocket program has self-rating feature that allows to rate how well you mastered each lesson or phrase and come back to them later. Also you will need to do quizzes so with Rocket it is easy to keep track of your progress when learning Arabic;
  • In Rocket course you will find a few motivation boosting features like badges and leader board that are useful for keeping you motivated to study Arabic further and improve your skills;
  • Software’s like Write it, Hear it Say it, Know it, Play it and games & flashcards in Rocket program makes learning Arabic more fun, so you are less likely to get bored. All of these mentioned programs also help to keep retention rate high when studying via Rocket course;
  • Extensive culture lessons are included in Rocket course too, which are essential for unique languages like Arabic;
  • With Rocket course you can also learn how to write in Arabic scrip. Premium course includes a total of 29 writing lessons that come together with embedded videos;
  • Dialogues in the audios have a transcript in both English and Arabic, so it’s easy to follow and understand every part of the conversation;
  • Since audios in Rocket are recorded by native Arabic speaker you will learn good pronunciation from this course. Also Rocket Record feature in this course will allow you to compare pronunciation of different Arabic phrases and words with a native speaker;
  • Audio lessons in Rocket course are interactive, which means that you will constantly need to say different phrases & sentences in Arabic. Due to this you will be encouraged to speak this foreign language out load, which as a result will make you more prepared for real life conversations;
  • This course teaches learners only the most essential phrases & words, which are needed when traveling to Arabic speaking country;
  • Rocket has quite a useful feature – Phrase Finder (finds different Arabic phrases and words within course content), which makes this program a great alternative to the dictionary;
  • It is very convenient to learn Arabic via Rocket program while on the go, since audio material can be downloaded and also free apps allow to access material in this course via different devices;
  • Premium course from Rocket includes free Survival Kit. This bonus material contains essential Arabic phrases & words that come together with audios so you can learn how to pronounce them correctly;
  • With this course you will also get access to Arabic learners forum where you will be able ask questions, communicate with other learners and tutor of this course.
  • It can be said that Rocket is one of the cheapest options to start learning Arabic online (price ranges from $99.95 to $149.95), so it’s a great value for money. Other courses are priced almost two times more, even though they do not offer more features or material to study Arabic from;
  • In case you will change your mind about Rocket Arabic course with 60 days, you can ask for refund, since it offers money back guarantee;

Main Cons:

  • At the moment there is only one level available of Rocket Arabic, so it is only good for beginner-intermediate level learners;
  • More focused on teaching you how to speak Arabic rather than grammar & writing, so you might need some supplementary material in these areas. Although other programs doesn’t do better job at writing & grammar parts too or doesn’t include them at all;
  • In case if you are planning to study without internet connection, the physical copy of this course is very expensive ($299.95), so it’s not really worth it.
  • Rocket only offers to learn Egyptian Arabic, which can be seen as a downside by learners who want to study different dialect of this foreign language;

In Summary.

To conclude this review it can be said that Rocket offers one of the best beginner courses for learners who want to learn Arabic. Some of the best parts about Rocket are that this program teaches all areas of Arabic (writing, grammar, reading, speaking and listening) and it includes different software’s and activities for practicing your language skills. In addition to that it is possible to study via Rocket course whenever you are and by using different devices so even busy learners can find a few minutes of their time to study Arabic.

Despite many benefits of Rocket it would be also fair to add that this course material is quite limited and it is mostly aimed at beginners and intermediate learners. Since Arabic is not as popular language to learn as French, German or Spanish, Rocket only offers 1 level of this course. So you would definitely need more studying material in order to reach more advanced level in Arabic. Another thing to mention is that this course is more focused on teaching you how to speak Arabic. While there are lessons dedicated for teaching Arabic grammar and writing, it might be not sufficient for learners who are learning this language for academic purposes.

If we would compare Rocket to other Arabic courses online, it can be said that it is definitely a better choice in terms of price and studying material & features offered. Other courses like Pimsleur don’t include writing part at all and Rosetta Stone doesn’t give explanations on Arabic grammar & language structure and they are priced even higher. Keeping all this in mind, it is definitely worthwhile to give Rocket a try.

Visit the official page of Rocket Arabic.

Where to Buy Rocket Arabic Course?rocket-arabic-premium

Rocket courses for learning Arabic and other foreign languages are available for purchase on official Rocket Languages website. It is possible to buy this course in a form of audio CD’s (+online access) and only online access. Since online access is significantly cheaper (99.95 USD compared to 299.95 USD) most learners choose this version of Rocket Arabic. For Arabic learners who can’t spend much money at the time it is also possible to choose monthly subscription of Rocket (19 USD / per month). So it can be said that Rocket Languages offers different pricing plans, which makes this course suitable for Arabic learners with all budgets.


Pimsleur Arabic Audio Lessons Review.

About Pimsleur Arabic Lessons.

Pimsleur offers audio based lessons for learners who want to start speaking Arabic fast. Pimsleur course was developed by Dr. Pimsleur more than fifty years ago so it is a well tested method for learning foreign languages and many learners had success with it. Currently there are versions of this course available to start learning more than 50 languages and Arabic is one of them.

The whole Pimsleur teaching approach is based on idea that we can learn a new language by hearing it constantly. Well, at least this is how we all learned our first language. First we heard it spoken by others and then we tried to repeat it ourselves. Hence no one can argue that this statement is not true.

A typical lesson in Pimsleur begins with a short dialogue in a target language. Later this conversation is being separated into smaller parts, translated into English and repeated a couple of times. While similar format lessons and repetition can be a bit monotonic at times, it is very useful feature of Pimsleur. This helps to ensure that learners are able to follow new studying content easier and keep retention rate high.

New studying content in Pimsleur is repeated not randomly, but by using Gradual Repetition Approach. What it means is that in the beginning new words are being repeated more frequently and later time intervals for repetition become longer.

Pimsleur audios are also interactive, which means that at times listeners are being prompted to say different Arabic phrases & sentences. This is a helpful feature of this course, because learners need to think in their target language more frequently, which in turn makes them more prepared for real life conversations. Also it encourages learners to talk in Arabic more frequently so it can help to improve their overall speaking skills.

What Courses and Features are Offered?

Pimsleur Eastern Arabic AudiosWhen it comes to Arabic, it is possible to learn 3 different dialects of this language from Pimsleur. At the moment there are options of learning Eastern, Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic dialects.

For Eastern Arabic and MSA, Pimsleur has 3 phases. Eastern dialect is mostly used in countries like Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. MSA is not so widely spoken, but it is rather used in newspapers, education and TV. Due to more Pimsleur parts available, it is possible to achieve more advanced level with these dialects.

On the other hand, for Egyptian there is only one phase. Egyptian is also very commonly learned dialect of Arabic. This is because it is used in films and quite a lot of people from all Arabic speaking countries can understand it. Due to limited number of levels available for Egyptian Arabic, it might be a good idea to consider alternative courses for this dialect.

At the moment Pimsleur doesn’t offer Unlimited edition for any of Arabic dialects. Due to this, there is only audio based studying content available for learners of Arabic. This means that Pimsleur Arabic is more suitable course for audible learners.

Pimsleur lessons are ideal for studying Arabic on the go. Audios can be transferred, which gives possibility to learn even without WiFi. Learners can also download free Pimsleur app and study via this course while using different devices. Lessons in Pimsleur are on average 30 minutes long so it doesn’t take too much time to complete them. All these mentioned features makes Pimsleur very suitable course for learners who have limited time for studying Arabic.

Pimsleur Arabic Features

In each lesson of Pimsleur you can expect to learn at lest five new Arabic phrases and also some of the old material is being constantly repeated. Pimsleur tends to introduce only essential Arabic vocabulary that would be helpful when getting around in a foreign country. You can expect to learn words associated with shopping, exchanging money, asking & giving directions, going to the restaurant and much more. So learners who are studying Arabic for traveling purposes, won’t be disappointing with Pimsleur and they will be able to learn survival vocabulary fast.

What Do Other People Reviews Say?

It can be said that Pimsleur Arabic courses for all dialects have quite positive reviews from its users. When compared to Rosetta Stone, people are way happier with this program and even recommend it to their friends. Users compliment Pimsleur Arabic lessons, because they teach essential vocabulary, it is easy to retain information from these lessons and it is very convenient to study via this course while on the move.

Some of the most common complains about Pimsleur Arabic are that each lesson of this course teaches very limited new vocabulary and the price for the whole course is quite high. You can read a few consumer reviews of Pimsleur Arabic lessons bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Pimsleur Arabic lessons, visit official website here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.


  • Want to make sure that Pimsleur teaching method is suitable for your learning style? You can get one free Arabic lesson of this course by registering at the official website;
  • This course offers to learn three dialects of Arabic: MSA, Eastern and Egyptian. Since there are 3 levels available for Eastern & MSA and 1 level for Egyptian dialect, it is only worthwhile to study the first two mentioned dialects via this course;
  • Pimsleur lessons are easy to understand and follow. There is a lot of repetition and each dialogue is divided to separate words and words even into sounds;
  • This Arabic course does a great job at keeping learners retention rate high. Everything is repeated a couple of times and the same material is included in further lessons;
  • Audios in Pimsleur are recorded by native Arabic speakers. Also lessons in this course are interactive (listeners are encouraged to speak Arabic out load). All these mentioned features makes Pimsleur effective course for learning how to speak Arabic;
  • With Pimsleur it is possible to access all Arabic learning material on the go. Audios can be downloaded for offline studying. Also there is a free app provided allowing users to study Arabic via different devices;
  • Each lesson in this course is less than 30 minutes long. For this reason even busy learners can find some time to study Arabic via Pimsleur;
  • Pimsleur can help to learn survival vocabulary fast. Hence these Arabic lessons can be suitable for travelers;
  • In addition to audios, Pimsleur also includes reading material and some culture notes. Learning about culture is essential part for unique languages like Arabic;


  • These lessons are a bit monotonic at times (the same question-answer format). Nevertheless learners who are motivated enough, can expect to have good results with Pimsleur;
  • It would be great if Pimsleur lessons would also include transcript of dialogues. This way it would be possible to look it up when something is not clear;
  • Each Pimsleur lesson concentrates only on a few Arabic phrases. Due to this learners can expect to learn very limited vocabulary in each new lesson;
  • Pimsleur mostly focuses on speaking and comprehension parts of a new language. Hence learners who want to learn Arabic grammar, writing or reading will find these lesson not sufficient;
  • At the moment Pimsleur doesn’t offer Unlimited version for Arabic dialects. Hence this course is completely audio based and it might be not suitable for visual learners;
  • One level of Pimsleur Arabic is priced at $119.95. So most learners will find these lessons as too expensive. However you can reduce a price of Pimsleur a little by ordering all levels at once or by using a coupon code.

Summary of a Review.

To conclude this review, it would be fair to say that Pimsleur offers quality Arabic audio lessons that are proven to work for most learners. Whether this course is right for you or not, will depend on a couple of different things.

Learners who need to learn how to speak & understand Arabic, will find Pimsleur as a great course choice for them. Since it teaches a new language through audios, you will be able to study via Pimsleur while on the move. Furthermore with Pimsleur you will not need to waste time learning unnecessary Arabic vocabulary. This is because this course concentrates on the most essential phrases of a new language.

However for learners those goal is to learn all aspects of Arabic like writing, reading and grammar, Pimsleur course will be not sufficient. The fact that Pimsleur teaches a new language completely through audios, makes this course not very suitable for visual Arabic learners. Also these lessons tend to be quite repetitive and lacks engagement. For these reasons learners need to be motivated in order to continue studying via Pimsleur.

The other thing to keep in mind about Pimsleur is that it teaches three dialects of Arabic. So if you are interested in learning Eastern Arabic, Pimsleur is one of few quality audio courses available for this dialect. This is because most online courses teach either MSA or Egyptian dialects, since they are a bit more popular among learners. Since Pimsleur has only one level for Egyptian Arabic, I would suggest considering alternative courses for this dialect instead.

Want to try Pimsleur method? It is possible to register at official website and you will get one free Arabic lesson. You only need to fill your e-mail address and zip code. So you can try Pimsleur audio lessons for free and find out for yourself if this is the right course for you or not.

>>Register for a free Pimsleur Arabic Lesson.<<

Where to buy Pimsleur Arabic Courses?

buy-pimsleur-arabic-msa-lessonsAll Pimsleur courses including for Arabic language, can be purchases from official website of this course. Since the whole Pimsleur course is divided into levels, they can be purchased separately or in a bundle. This is a very convenient pricing system, because more advanced Arabic learners can go to level 2 or 3 directly and save some money.

Each separate level of Pimsleur Arabic costs $119.95 in MP3 format. Those who will decide to buy these levels in bundle, can get a discount as well.  Also there is an option to buy each level in increments, which consists of 5 lessons and cost $21.95 each. This option is a bit more expensive in the long run. On the positive side it also doesn’t require learners to spend much money at the time.

Coupon Code.

Already made a decision to buy Pimsleur Arabic lessons? Then you should also know that you can get a discount on this course.

By using a coupon code SAVENOW you will get a free shipping offer. Also you will be able to reduce the price of this course by up to 25%. Although this discount only applies when you order this course directly from official website.

>>Visit the official page of Pimsleur Arabic.<<

Living Language Arabic review.

About Living Language Arabic.

Living Language offers learners to learn Modern Standard Arabic, which is formal dialect of Arabic. This course offers users to learn through different multimedia including coursebooks, audios, games, exercises, quizzes and more. Since it is a dynamic program it helps to improve your retention and makes learning more interesting. Dynamic studying material also makes Living Language courses suitable for different types of Arabic learners – visual and audible.

The other thing that you should know about Living Language method is that it is quite easy to follow this course. This is mainly because learners are being introduced into new concepts and vocabulary in small steps so that it would be easier to understand everything and remember what you have learned later.

It is also worthwhile to mention that Living Language teaches all aspects of Arabic so you will be able to learn grammar, writing, speaking and etc. The fact that Living Language provides in depth explanations on Arabic sentence structure and grammar means that you will not need to do any guessing and be able to progress confidently with this foreign language.

What Courses Are Offered?

Living Language Arabic FeaturesAt the moment you can choose from three different Arabic courses offered by Living Language. These courses vary in offered features, studying content and price. Hence you should choose one particular course based on your Arabic learning goals and your budget. It is important to acknowledge that these editions don’t have unique studying content. For this reason you should select only one of these courses from the start. Also they are all meant for complete beginners, hence you don’t need to have previous learning experience. All of Living Language courses come together with free online learning. Each lesson in the coursebook will have corresponding online activities. These activities include games, quizzes as well as flashcards. They will help you practice new concepts and recall Arabic vocabulary.

The first course from Living Language is Essential. Its studying content consists of 3 audio CD’s as well as 1 coursebook. This part is aimed for those who want to have some basics in a new language and need to learn only limited Arabic vocabulary.

The next course from Living Language is called Complete. Studying content in this edition consists of 9 audio CD’s as well as 3 coursebooks. So if your aim is to achieve a higher level in Arabic, you should definitely consider this particular course. Its price is quite similar to Essential, hence it is more cost efficient to choose this version  from Living

The third course from Living Language is called Platinum. It offers the same coursebooks and audios as the second course, but with a few additional features. These features are access to online community, live e-tutoring sessions and apps for mobile phone. It is only worthwhile to consider buying Platinum course if you planning to use these mentioned features a lot since this version of the course is way more expensive.

What Do Consumer Reviews Say?

It can be said that user reviews of Living Language courses are very positive no matter which language you will choose. Most people are happy about this course since there is quite a lot of material included and also explanations provided in the coursebooks are easy to follow and understand. The other thing that most users of Living Language are happy about is the additional book that is included together with this course, which is dedicated to teaching Arabic script. This is a huge plus since other courses like Pimsleur or Michel Thomas audio lessons don’t teach writing at all.

When it comes to negative reviews they are quite rare for all Living Language Arabic courses. Although some users of Living Language mention that there are a few typos in the studying material and also some lessons are a bit rushed. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Living Language Arabic course bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Living Language Arabic courses visit Amazon page here.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages.

The Main Advantages:

  • This course offers quite a lot of material to study from and for a very reasonable price. For instance if you will choose Complete edition of this course you would get a total of 3 coursebooks and 9 audio CD’s for as little as $50;
  • Since there are different types of material included (audios, coursebooks and online features) you will not get bored so easily while studying and also learning from different multimedia greatly increases retention and overall learning efficiency;
  • This course teaches all aspects of Arabic so it is suitable course for learners who need to learn more than just a few phrases in this language. Also since there three versions of this course learners with different needs can find the right program for them;
  • Living Language also offers a guide for learning Arabic script, so in case you want to learn how to write in this language it is a great additional bonus;
  • Some culture notes are included in this course, which is a lot needed component for unique languages like Arabic;
  • Due to the fact that one of the main components of this course is audio CD’s you will be to learn part of the course while on the go. Also Platinum course offers apps, which will enable you to study via your phone (iPhone and iPad);
  • In case you are looking for a course that would offer quality e-tutoring lessons, Living Language Platinum course might be just what you are looking for. These online e-tutoring lessons are well-rated by most learners and reviews online so it is definitely worthwhile to consider them;
  • Platinum version of this program also offers and access to the community where you will be able to communicate with other learners, ask questions and advice as well as share your own learning experience.

The Main Disadvantages:

  • Even though there are online features available like games, quizzes and flashcards it can be said that they are not as engaging as features offered by Rocket and Rosetta Stone courses;
  • There are no advanced features in this course that would allow you to practice your pronunciation. Other courses like Rosetta Stone and Rocket that are reviewed in this website both have great tools for that;
  • It is kind of difficult to immerse yourself into Arabic by using this course, since there is a lot explanations and English language. However this is not necessary a negative thing and most learners will find it as a benefit;
  • In case you will use online features of this course you will notice that you need to complete a full lesson in order for it to be marked as completed. Due to this it can be said that both Rosetta Stone as well as Rocket courses have a bit more advanced tracking features.

Summary of a Review.

To summarize this review it can be said that Living Language offers very affordable courses for learners who want to learn Modern Standard Arabic. Since MSA is a formal dialect of this language and it is rarely spoken in the streets it might be not the best choice course for people who are learning this language in order to communicate with local people. However if your main aim is to learn this dialect of Arabic you will find plenty of material to study from and also for a very reasonable price. The other benefits of this course are that it teaches all aspects of Arabic including grammar and writing and also you will learn from different types of material (written, audio as well as digital exercises). All this greatly increases learning efficiency and makes Living Language more engaging course to follow.

Some limitations of Living Language are that it is not the most convenient course to study Arabic while on the go. Also audio CD’s in this course are not interactive and they will not encourage you to speak or think in Arabic like some other audio based courses do. So if your primary goal is to learn how to communicate in Arabic, Living Language might be not the best choice for that.

Where to buy Living Language Arabic Courses?

buy-Living-Language-ArabicIn case you have already decided to buy one of Living Language Arabic courses you can order them easily online. At the moment it is possible to purchase these courses on official website and popular websites like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart and others.

Depending on which course you will choose, the prices can be different. For instance, Essential course is priced at $23, Complete at $50 and you can buy Platinum course for $179 on Amazon. So it can be said that Living Language offers Arabic courses for learners with all budgets and learning needs.

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Assimil Arabic review.

About Assimil Arabic Method.

The first series of Assimil were published more than 70 years ago by a French based company. Today Assimil method is very popular in Europe and there are courses available to learn many different languages including Arabic. While there are usually more series available in French, English speakers can find courses available for them too. In case are an English speaker and you want to learn Arabic, Assimil offers a course called Arabic with Ease. The content in this course consists of 1 book, 4 audio CD’s as well as 1 MP3 CD. By finishing this whole course learners can expect to achieve B2 level at this language (intermediate speaker).

The uniqueness of Assimil method is that it teaches Arabic through more organic approach. Instead of giving you lists of vocabulary to learn or words taken out of context, this course will teach you a new language through full sentences and examples. Each lesson of this course includes a short dialogue in Arabic and then you will find translation of this conversation in English on the other page. The difficulty of each text will start to increase once you will progress with lessons. In addition to reading texts you will also need to listen to audio CD’s, which contain the same dialogues. This will help to learn proper pronunciation of each word and improve your Arabic listening and speaking skills. It is also worthwhile to mention that in Assimil you will find short notes explaining new language & grammar concepts that were used in the dialogues. Also some lessons will include translation exercises that are aimed at improving your retention rate.

Arabic with Ease series contain a total of 77 lessons. Each lesson is not too long so it is possible to complete it within 30 minutes or less time per day. If you can dedicate this much time daily you will be able to complete the whole series in less than 3 months’ time and be able to converse in Arabic comfortably.

Review of The Main Pros and Cons.

The Main Pros:

  • Assimil teaches MSA, which is a formal variation of Arabic language. This can be seen as a benefit by learners who are studying Arabic for academic purposes and as a drawback by users who are learning this foreign language for communication purposes;
  • It is worthwhile to consider Assimil course if you are interested in improving all areas of Arabic language – reading, writing, speaking, listening and learning some basic grammar. Also you can learn some useful information about Arabic culture through dialogues since their cover everyday situations;
  • Assimil course can be very useful for Arabic learners who want to expand their vocabulary. By finishing With Ease series you can expect to learn at least 1500 new Arabic words;
  • Since Assimil includes both audio and written material it can work great for both audible and visual Arabic learners;
  • It is not too difficult to immerse into Arabic when studying via Assimil because audios contain only dialogues in target language, book includes transcript of dialogues on different page and there aren’t too much explanations in English either;
  • Since dialogues in Assimil lessons cover everyday situations you can learn essential Arabic phrases and words that would be useful when traveling to countries that speak this language;
  • Learners can learn correct pronunciation and good accent from Assimil audios since they are recorded by native Arabic speakers;
  • Although studying material in Assimil comes in a form of book it is quite convenient course for studying Arabic while on the move. The book is very small so you can carry it with you everywhere you go and audios can be transferred to any supporting device. Each lesson can be completed in approximately 30 minutes or less, which makes Assimil a suitable course for busy learners too;
  • After each lesson of Assimil you will find short notes explaining grammar and other aspects of Arabic language that were used in the dialogues so you will not need to do any guessing. Also there are transcripts of dialogues included in both English and Arabic so you will always know what a particular phrase or word means;
  • Some lessons in Assimil include humorous cartoon. While it doesn’t compare with games, flashcards and other features that are found in competitor courses, it definitely helps to enrich written content and make this course less monotonic;

The Main Cons:

  • One of the biggest drawbacks of Assimil is that it is quite difficult to retain material from this course. This is mainly because some new Arabic vocabulary appears only once in the lesson and there aren’t sufficient workouts or features included that would help to keep retention rate high;
  • It can be said that Assimil is not very suitable course for learners who need to learn how to communicate in Arabic fast. This is because these series teach Arabic by introducing full sentences of this language so it can take a while until you will start noticing patterns and be able to construct your own sentences;
  • In order to progress with Assimil you need to be very motivated Arabic learner. This is because this course doesn’t include motivation boosting features like exercises based on point system, leaderboard that are found in some other Arabic online programs. Also it might be quite difficult to keep track of your progress with Arabic language since there are no quizzes, games, ability to rate difficulty of lessons and etc.;
  • Since audios in this Arabic course are not interactive, you can only improve your speaking skills through repeating. Other courses like Rocket, Michel Thomas or Pimsleur either offers interactive audio lessons or they include features & programs that would encourage learners to speak Arabic out load;
  • Provided notes in each lesson of Assimil are useful for understanding main concepts of Arabic grammar; however this is definitely not sufficient if you want to have in depth understanding in this area;
  • At the moment there is only one series of Assimil Arabic available for English speakers. Additional series are available too; however they are aimed for French speakers;
  • Although the price of Arabic with Ease series is not too high (~170 USD) there are cheaper courses available for learning this foreign language that include even more studying material & features (i.e. Living Language);

What Do User Reviews Say?

While for other languages Assimil series tend to have a lot of consumer reviews, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Arabic. Despite that it is possible to find a couple of user testimonials sharing their experience about this Arabic course. These reviews confirm that Assimils’ method is effective for studying Arabic and it provides basic, but clear explanations on grammar. Read a few actual user testimonials of Assimil Arabic course bellow.


If you are interested in reading further consumer reviews of Assimil Arabic, visit Amazon page here.

In Summary.

To come to the end of this review, it can be said that most learners can benefit greatly from a course like Assimil because it offers quality and well laid out material & method for studying Arabic. If you need to learn MSA dialect of Arabic, this course can help you greatly expand your vocabulary, teach you some basic grammar concepts as well as improve speaking & listening skills.

However if you are learning Arabic for communication purposes, it might be worthwhile to consider alternative courses that either teach other dialects of Arabic or are more oriented for travelers. Also Assimil lacks quizzes, exercises, flashcards and other features that would be useful for increasing retention rate & making this course more engaging.

Where to buy Assimil Arabic Courses?

buy-assimil-arabicIn case you live outside of Europe, it might be a bit difficult to find where to purchase Assimil Arabic series since they are released by French based company. Some retailers that sell this course at the moment are either EBay or Amazon.

Depending on which version of this course you will decide to get, the price can vary anywhere from $60-$170. While some users might be tempted to buy cheaper version of Assimil (only book), it would be difficult to know the right pronunciation and progress with this language without audio CD’s. In my opinion it is essential to get Assimil version with audios in order get full benefits of this course and its method. Otherwise it might be a better idea to consider alternative Arabic studying material.

Find Assimil Arabic courses on Amazon.

Rosetta Stone Arabic Review.

About Rosetta Stone Arabic Program.

Rosetta Stone is one of the leaders in language learning market for many years now. It has courses available for up to 25 separate languages and Arabic is one of them. When it comes to Arabic, Rosetta Stone teaches Modern Standard Arabic (MSA in short). It is a formal variation of this foreign language, which is used widely all over Arabic countries.

Rosetta Stone program is very simple and intuitive to work with. Most learners are able to operate it without any guidelines. The system relies upon picture-word association strategy to teach a new language. What it means is that users of this program learn by associating Arabic phrases and words with pictures that they recognize. Within time learners can expect to develop their Arabic vocabulary and later be able to communicate in a new language. It is important to acknowledge that immersion type of learning programs don’t include explanations or translations. Hence it is even not necessary to know English in order to use Rosetta Stone.

Review of The Main Features.

There are a total of 3 levels of Rosetta Stone available for learners of Arabic. It is not the most that Rosetta Stone offers for foreign languages. Hence it is more suitable for beginner – intermediate Arabic learners. Based on information that Rosetta Stone provides, three parts of this program are equal to about 200 hours of studying time. So it is still quite a lot of learning material that can help to advance in Arabic a lot.

It is important to mention that Rosetta Stone prices its program based on studying length. You can select membership lengths anywhere from 3 to 24 months. Of course, the best monthly price is offered for longer membership – ~10 USD per month. Nevertheless it requires to spend 249 USD at a time, so many learners select shorter subscriptions. Due to this it is definitely worthwhile to evaluate your learning needs before selecting Rosetta Stone membership plan.

rosetta-stone-arabic-tutorRosetta Stone has some leading-edge features such as sessions with a tutor, mobile app and games. This course can be also preferred by Arabic learners who want to study on the move. With Rosetta Stone users don’t need to install anything on their computer and instead they can access studying content via app (different devices are supported) or online. After completing some units in this course, learners are also able to book live sessions with a tutor while using Rosetta World. Of course, there are certain limitations on the number of sessions that learners can book, but it is still quite useful studying feature. Users of Rosetta Stone can also play games (with other Arabic learners or solo). This can be a great way to repeat previous studying material and improve overall learning efficiency in an engaging way.

Within this program users can find lessons that would help them improve all parts of Arabic. This includes comprehension, speaking, writing, grammar or reading. It is true that Rosetta Stones’ immersion method has limited usefulness for learning grammar, but it can definitely help to notice some basic patterns.

When studying via Rosetta Stone program learners also have a complete freedom to choose what workouts to do first. This kind of feature can be very beneficial in case you need to improve your skills in particular area of a new language.

Furthermore learners can be confident that all their activities in Rosetta Stone are fully recorded. Advanced tracking in Rosetta Stone allows users to follow their progress easier and continue studying where they last left this program. Also this program highlights the number of mistakes in each workout, so it is easier to identify lessons that need more revision.

rosetta-stone-featuresLearners those primary goal is to learn how to speak in Arabic, can find some useful features in Rosetta Stone for that. TruAccent feature in this course gives learners an instant feedback on how well they are pronouncing Arabic words and phrases. Also by using this feature users are encouraged to talk out load more frequently. This in turn can help to improve pronunciation and speaking skills.

The other great advantage of this program is that it uses native Arabic speakers in the recordings. So users can be sure that they will always hear good accent and correct pronunciation. Moreover, Rosetta Stone comes together with supplementary audios. These audios can be downloaded and transferred to any device. Later on you can use them for practicing Arabic comprehension & speaking skills while on the move or offline. With so many useful features, Arabic learners can definitely achieve good results and be able to communicate in this new language.

Although Rosetta Stone learning program is oriented not only toward travelers, it still teaches mostly essential vocabulary. The main goal of the first part of Rosetta Stone is to introduce learners to language structure. Also it teaches users elementary Arabic vocabulary. You will learn basic conversational skills such as introductions and greetings, most common questions and how to answer them and much more. Usually it takes at least one or even two months to finish first part of this course. This time frame is not surprising giving the fact that Arabic is quite difficult language to learn for native English speakers.

By taking the second and third level of this course you will be able take part in more difficult real world conversations. The second level of this course covers topics like time, directions, transportation, eating out and etc.

After completing third level of Rosetta Stone, you will be able to talk about current events, your interests, profession and much more. So by finishing all parts of this software Arabic learners can expect to be able to get around in a foreign country easier, express their opinion & talk a little about themselves.

What Do Other Peoples Reviews Say?

When it comes to Rosetta Stone testimonials, you can find various opinions about it. Some confirm that it’s a good program and helped them a lot with studying a new language. Users particularly like engaging workouts and advanced studying features like TruAccent & e-tutoring.

However others seem to have a bit more negative experience with this Arabic learning program. Some reviews suggest that learning via immersion method (without explanations or translations) doesn’t work. This is especially true for more unique languages like Arabic. Also at times Rosetta Stone introduces quite random Arabic phrases that some learners find not very essential for conversations. You can find a few user reviews of this Arabic learning program bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Rosetta Stone Arabic software, visit Amazon website here.

Review of the Main Strong and Weak Sides.

Strong Sides:

  • You can try free lessons (3 days) at the official Rosetta Stone website. Its a good way to make sure whether its suitable program for you to learn Arabic from;
  • This program can help to improve all aspects of Arabic language – speaking, comprehension, reading, writing and grammar;
  • At any given time users can choose what workouts to do. Hence Rosetta Stone gives learners quite a lot of freedom to choose what area of Arabic they want to improve;
  • You can see what workouts you’ve already completed and what was your score in them. So it is easy to keep track of your progress while using this program;
  • Rosetta Stone provides some advanced Arabic learning features like interactive games, e-tutoring sessions and mobile app;
  • Different workouts provided in the program are very engaging and useful for learning and repeating vocabulary. Learning games in Rosetta Stone are very useful for increasing your retention as well;
  • Audios in Rosetta Stone course are recorded by native speakers. So you will be able to learn how to pronounce Arabic words correctly and with a good accent. Also a TrueAccent feature is very useful for improving Arabic pronunciation and encouraging learners to speak out load more frequently;
  • Rosetta Stones’ teaching method doesn’t use any English. Hence it is possible to immerse into Arabic language completely when using this program. This also means that this language learning program can be used by non-English speakers;
  • Rosetta Stone introduces mostly useful Arabic vocabulary. This means that you will be able to learn essential words within reasonable time. Also units in this software are grouped based on topics. So it is possible to skip some lessons  that are with less important vocabulary for you;

Weak Sides:

  • Lack of explanations on grammar, makes it difficult to progress in a new language at times. So learners without previous Arabic learning experience, might need supplementary studying material while using Rosetta Stone;
  • Rosetta Stone offers fewer parts for Arabic (3 levels). So it is not very suitable program for advanced learners. Also there is only an option to study MSA dialect of Arabic. It has limited usefulness for learners who are studying this foreign language for communication purposes;
  • There are no culture lessons or information included in this program. It is a lot needed component for unique languages like Arabic. Also Rosetta Stone designs & arranges its program identically for all languages;
  • At times it is difficult to know exactly what particular Arabic phrase or word a picture is trying to present. This is due to immersion type of learning and lack of translations to English,
  • You can get access to Rosetta Stone without spending too much money (79 USD for 3 months). Nevertheless, its a limited time membership and you will need to renew it a couple of time to continue studying Arabic;
  • It can be said that Rosetta Stone is not the fastest way to learn Arabic for traveling purposes. This is because provided vocabulary is quite random at times. Some competitor courses (like Rocket, Pimsleur and etc.) are more focused on teaching survival vocabulary. So they are more suitable for this purpose;

Summary of a Review.

Even though there are some downsides to Rosetta Stone, this program can be still beneficial for many Arabic learners. Since it teaches MSA, this software can be suitable for learners who selected to learn this particular dialect of Arabic. If you consider yourself as a visual learner, you will find various engaging activities in this program that can help to improve all areas of Arabic. Rosetta Stone also offers some great features for improving speaking skills. Learners can use TrueAccent feature or supplementary audios to practice their pronunciation and comprehension skills in Arabic. There are different length Rosetta Stone memberships available. Hence Arabic learners can select more suitable subscription term based on their budget and studying needs.

While Rosetta Stone is designed for total beginners, it might be not the most suitable course for these type of learners. The problem is that there are no explanations in English. This can cause confusion and slow down overall learning efficiency. Some other disadvantages of this program are lack of culture information and random vocabulary at times. If you find these downsides not important for your Arabic learning goals, it is definitely worthwhile to consider Rosetta Stone Arabic program.

Where to buy Rosetta Stone Arabic Program?

Rosetta Stone Arabic LifetimeIn case you have already decided to buy Rosetta Stone Arabic program, you can do so on Amazon or official website online. The prices are usually the same in both of these mentioned sites. So it is just a matter of preference from where to purchase it.

If you are planning to study Arabic in the long term, it might worthwhile to consider lifetime membership of Rosetta Stone. When ordering this program on Amazon, you have an option to select 12 month (99 USD) or lifetime membership (189 USD). This package will allow you to choose any language from Rosetta Stone and use it for selected time. There are shorter subscription lengths available on official website. Nevertheless your monthly price will be way with 3 or 6 month memberships.

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